Over the years our customers have given us their trust, thanks to the comprehensive and highly specialized service that we provide, which has allowed us to consolidate our position as a leading Firm of the most recognized in our country.

Among our clients are companies of great prestige to regional, national and international level, which have managed to establish and strengthen a bond of long-term service, resulting in increased profitability of their businesses.

The different areas and major economic fields in which our clients develop are:

    • Automobile Agencies.
    • Homebuilders and construction in general
    • Technological Products Developers.
    • Auto Parts Distributors.
    • Sweets Distributors.
    • Agricultural Implements Distributors.
    • Medication Distributors.
    • Building Materials Distributors.
    • Furniture Manufacturing.
    • Manufacturing and Marketing of Pumps, Equipment and Integrated Pump Systems.
    • Producers and Distributors of Vegetables and Flowers Seeds.
    • Hotel Industry.
    • Telecommunications Industry.
    • Educational Institutions.
    • Agricultural Sector.


    For Tegra Consulting, commitment, respect, excellence and transparency form the foundation of a good relationship with the client, that's why we are waiting for you in hope of having your trust.