picTEGRA CONSULTORES is a firm formed by a group of professionals specialized in the law-tax-estate areas, who are in an environment of continuous training and constant challenge, with an ingrained professionalism, great creativity and security, guarantees the customer the correct and timely implementation of their strategies.

One of our main competitive advantages is the excellent synergy achieved by the interaction of law-tax-estate, producing superior solutions both the design and the implementation thereof.




Achieving a business relationship is just the beginning, in TEGRA CONSULTING we seek and effective merger with our costumers, we care about creating and maintaining effective and real links that allow us to timely advice and effective monitoring that ensures certainty in decision-making in the Fiscal, Estate, Corporate, Legal, Auditing and Defense areas, by the above then expose who we are our service and the methodology used for their implementation.


TEGRA CONSULTANTS (Great Performance Applied Business Technology), arises from the need to provide a highly specialized and personalized full-service, focused on providing alternative solutions to the problems that entrepreneurs face every day in the Fiscal, Financial, Accounting, Legal, Corporate and Estate areas, in order to satisfy the demands of today’s business world and achieve great tax, corporate and asset savings, with controlled risk.


To be a leading and highly recognized national and international organization, for its commitment to quality, productivity, and results based on experience and innovation, in order to provide comprehensive services and creative solutions to the needs of customers in the Fiscal, Estate, Legal, Corporate, Audit, and Tax Defense fields , preserving its tranquility and integrity.


Starting from the principle that planning is PREVENTIVE, not CORRECTIVE, our work philosophy is to implement programs and strategies tailored to the customer in compliance with a regulatory framework, which tend to prevent any contingency either tax or property, ensuring thereby the protection of the heritage of our client.


We are absolutely convinced that our best presentation is the recognition and satisfaction of our clients, achieving this with the following values:

  • We comply fully what we promise.
  • We assure the quality of services we offer.
  • We provide personalized customer service.
  • The client only deals with capable people, for the preparation and capability off our staff.
  • We provide immediate and effective attention and response to the client requirements.
  • We clearly define the office-client responsibilities and commitments.


Our main objective is efficient liquidity and profitability of the business assets in a security context, as well as ensuring transparency and protection of personal assets, combining the necessary elements for a correct succession enabling permanence, continuity and growth of the heritage.

Our services are designed to establish suitable conditions aimed at achieving development, continuity, permanence and certainty of the entrepreneur’s assets, are aimed at strengthening the three main elements that make up an organization, which are: the entrepreneur, his business and human resources, which leads us to achieve the following objectives:

  • Minimize the fiscal-estate risks.
  • Provide security to the entrepreneur's estate./li>
  • Prepare timely hereditary planning.
  • Efficient liquidity of the entrepreneur, his companies and human resources.
  • Support the profitability of business assets.
  • Apoyar la rentabilidad del patrimonio empresarial.
  • Support compliance with tax obligations.
  • Defend their interests before the tax authorities.